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frequently asked questions

Questions? Check here for answers before sending a message on the contact page.


All orders are processed and shipped individually.

Shipping time will depend on location being shipped to. A tracking number will be provided if applicable.


Shipping sits at flat rates for the US ($3.00 USD) and for international ($4.50 USD). 

Shipping prices are subject to change.


Are commissions open?

Commissions are currently OPEN!​


How do I commission a piece?

To commission a work, use the new commission order form to send an email to us. Please fill out the Google Form to the best of your ability; I will be in contact to discuss details (including an estimated cost) on your piece.

How much will it cost?

Cost of both material and labor varies from project to project. An initial deposit of $20 is required before work on your commission can begin. An ESTIMATE of the full cost will be given over email during the developmental period of the commission.


Final price is subject to change based on a couple factors:

  • The full amount of time it takes to finish the project (I pay myself an hourly wage just like any other job!)

  • Cost of materials (Paint, brushes, thread, special mediums, etc.)

  • Cost of shipping (Big items will cost more.)

How long will it take to get my finished artwork?

As a general note, commissions can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months to complete, depending on the complexity of the project. If you're working with a tight deadline, please consider the potential hours of labor and shipping time of your order.


Some of these things I have control over (the intervals in which I work), but a lot of things I do not (i.e. shipping time, how long it actually takes to complete something). 


There are currently no returns, sorry!

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